House of 3 Brothers is a local patisserie, it is authentic, generous and modern. German born Mirko Schmitt started the patisserie in december 2014 to re-live the happy childhood memories he shared with his brothers Alexander and Ulrich.

As a child, Mirko had two passions: fashion and pastry. Two worlds that one associates with both creativity and attention to quality. For many years mirko worked as a fashion designer and was artistic director for large french and international brands, but it was his time spent training as a pastry chef that he realised that he could combine the two skills and create atmospheres and tastes to unlock all of our greedy desires. Finally he could realise the authentic cuisine he recalled from his grandmother Rosa and great-aunt Leonie.

The bakery feels like home from home, an intimate place , somewhere to meet , full of warmth and generosity. The House of Three Brothers is all about quality, the best ingredients, modern presentation and well designed packaging… Nothing has been left to chance.

This is the patisserie to rediscover the flavours of your childhood and experience future trends.